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bitmian S19,S19pro,S19jpro,T19,S19j series universal control board

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Suitable for:S19,S19pro,S19jpro,T19,S19j
Shipping time: within 3 days
Support bulk order

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Support bulk customization of various control boards

Supply various bitmain antminer ASIC miner control boards. The specific models are as follows.

Antminer 19 series control board: S19 PRO,S19,S19J,S19J PRO,T19 control board.

Antminer 17 series control board: S17, S17 PRO, S17+, S17E, T17, T17+, T17E control board.

Antminer 15 series control board: S15,T15 control board.

Antminer 11 series control board: S11 control board.

Antminer 9 series control board: S9,S9I,S9J ,S9K,S9SE ,T9,T9+ control board.

S9 series control board sample diagram

S19 controlboard(1)
S19 controlboard(4)
S19 controlboard(3)
S19 controlboard(5)
S19 controlboard(6)
S19 controlboard(2)

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