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Filecoin latest price valuation

Filecoin latest price valuation

Why filecoin keeps plummeting
FIL prices have fallen, and this performance is in line with official expectations and with Filecoin’s design goals. Needless to say, this stability has a lot to do with Filecoin’s pledging mechanism, which forms a regulatory closed loop. In layman’s terms, miners generally have a need to grow their arithmetic, but that growth requires pledging, and currently the main source of pledged coins is buying on the secondary market.

So there will be: lower coin price → low cost of arithmetic growth → more purchases of growth arithmetic → higher coin price.

Coin price rises → high cost of arithmetic growth → extend growth arithmetic, demand becomes less → coin price decreases.

How much is a FIL token after 3 years

This depends on the market, not good prediction, many industry experts predict FIL tokens to rise to hundreds and thousands of dollars, this expectation first regardless, according to the current reality, we have basically accepted the $30 to calculate.

The general cost of a 96T miner, plus the cost of the required pledged coins, plus the cost of non-retrievable gas, even if the comprehensive collateral fee continues to rise, the single T production continues to decline and so on, all kinds of actual costs are taken into account, the book payback cycle is basically within 6 months. However, according to the token release mechanism, the actual payback cycle takes less than 10 months, and after a full day of mining cycle, all proceeds are released, and the return on investment in hand reaches at least 250%. Compared to traditional blockchain mining such as bitcoin and ethereum, which require more than 300 days just for the payback period, it’s simply too good to be true! If you take into account the mining cycle of the mining equipment, residual value and other factors, it is really digging FIL not only a moment cool, but has been mining a straight cool!!!

As the global demand for data storage continues to increase, FIL file coin rise is inevitable and can be expected, but the most important thing is that you have to have coins, so to speak, is currently the best golden time to get FIL coins, mining tuning coins.

Even if the FIL coin price falls, but the cost of buying coins to pledge is lower, with the same cost can buy more coins to pledge into the network, and then the effective arithmetic power can quickly increase, the number of coins produced every day can increase, is also good.

The most important thing at this stage is to get more FIL coins, then hold them patiently and wait for them to rise.

Expanded Information

I. Derive the advantages of mining

1. High income, the coins you get from mining are much more than the coins you can buy at the current price, and the profit grows in a linear way, which is very substantial later.

2, the risk is small, the coin price rises when the profits raised can earn, the coin price falls the total arithmetic up slowly, the cost of the front pledge coin also becomes smaller, the amount of coins divided more, still can earn. That is, no matter if the coin price rises or falls, it does not affect the mining revenue.

3. Save your mind and energy, mining only needs to be hosted to the miner.

There are professional technicians to maintain, miners only occasionally look at the earnings situation, no need to speculate on coins to challenge the mentality, sit back and wait for the income, the real “income after sleep”, home has a mine, the heart does not panic.

In short, we look at the long term, IPFS/Filecoin in the future will become gradually digital world, the new technology of storage based protocols, data will become as important resources as property, land, storage data house also went up with the boat. With the gradual improvement of the ecology and the mining revenue entering a stable period, Filecoin’s future high moment will come!

filcoin contract address

Add the code of the coin in the TP wallet and it will be displayed. Search for the contract address or name/code of the coin, add it, and only then can the wallet see it. Recently FIL coin volume once led the coin circle, the market value also entered the top ten, occupying the eighth position, FIL coin is a token on IPFS, according to the market data shows that FIL coin is currently circulating market value of $10.678 billion, 24-hour turnover of $3.625 billion, since its release, the highest price in the history of FIL coin reached $237.61, the return on investment reached 473.51%. The amazing return rate has attracted a large number of investors who want to buy FIL coin, Coin is the leading international blockchain digital asset trading platform, which provides a wide range of digital currency trading, blockchain education, blockchain project incubation, blockchain asset issuance platform, blockchain research institute and blockchain public charity services to the world, and its current users cover more than 190 countries and regions worldwide. With its core memory aggregation technology of 1.4 million orders/second, it is one of the fastest platforms in the world for cryptocurrency trading and one of the largest cryptocurrency trading volumes in the world.

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