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LTC/DOGE Asic Miner L1-4900M Blackminer The Most Profitable LTC/DOGE Miner in 2022

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Power Consumption:3800w


Product Detail

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Specification Parameters

L1 4900M Product specification

Crypto Algorithm:Scrypt


Hashrate:4900MH/s ±3%


Note:Blackminer L1 can also be set to low power mode:

Hashrate:2000MH/s ±3%

PowerConsumption:850w ±10%

Environmental Requirements

Working temperature: 0-4

Storage temperature: -20-70

Working humidity: (non-condensing): 10-90% relative temperature

Hardware Configuration

Networking connection mode:RJ45 ethernet 10/100m

Miner Size:L335*W280*H285mm

Packaging SizeL570*W360*H430mm

Net Weight:13.55kg

Gross Weight:15.05kg

Power Supply

Power Supply AC Input Voltage:200-240V

Power Supply AC Input Frequency Range:47-63Hz

Power Supply AC Input Current:20A


180 days

Blackminer L1 4900M Main Feature:

1The L1-4900M mining machine is currently the most cost-effective ASic mining machine among the LTC/DOGE encryption mining machines. The price is not expensive, and the hashrate is high.

2OEM factory production, no brand implantation, low price, low mining machine cost means a shorter cost recovery cycle.

3The L1-4900M is an LTC/DOGE miner launched in the fourth quarter of 2022. So far, several hundred pcs have been sold, and the machine has not been received for after-sales repair, which means that the performance of the machine is very good.

4L1-4900M actual test, hashrate exceeds 4900M, quite stable.

View the test videohttps://youtu.be/IrVff0PGbQw

If you are interested, please contact us,for more details


1Why can't I see much information about the L1 4900M miner online?

This machine is a new LTC/DOGE miner, so there is not much information. You will see more information about this machine in the later stage.

2What brand is L1 4900M?

L1 4900M is a factory without any brand name, but its quality is not bad, and the after-sales service is the same as other ASIC brands, with a 180-day warranty and needs to be returned to the factory for repair. But after two months of sales, hundreds of units have been sold, and the machine has not been returned for repair, so the quality of this machine is not bad. Since doge has grown significantly at the end of October and early November, it has been well evaluated in the premise of the sale. At present, there are only a small amount of spot goods, and futures can still be reserved.

3How much is the shipping cost?Is it free shipping?

We are dealing with customers from various countries around the world, so the range is large and it is difficult to standardize shipping prices. Different countries, different transportation methods, different volume and weight of different types of mining products and different quantities will have different transportation prices. Therefore, please contact customer service and provide your shipping address, zip code, product model, quantity and other related information, and customer service will calculate the shipping cost for you.

4How do I guarantee that I will receive the miners I want after payment.

Our company is in business since 2017 and has 7 years of mining experience, we started with GPUs, built and operated Bitcoin as well as PGU mining farms, and have extensive experience with over 90% of crypto miners in the market. We can share our experience both before and after sales, and when you encounter problems, you can always contact us to answer them for you, such as how to choose the right miner for you? How to choose accessories? Under what conditions, what miner is more suitable to use? How to avoid too much heat in the environment where the miner is placed? And so on, you can consult us. This is the most effective way for general foreign traders, who are unable to do such detailed answers, to judge reliable crypto miner suppliers from the degree of professionalism.

We can accept USDT payment and 14 kinds of fiat currency transactions, and all products are paid for before delivery. We're not in the business of one-offs, we're very much about word of mouth and integrity!

If you are interested, please contact us,we send you a quote for more models.

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