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Litecoin Antminer L7 9050m 9300m LTC ASIC Miner for LTC DOGE Crypto mining

Short Description:


Coins to mineLTC/DOGE

Hash Rate8800M/9050M/9300M/9500M

Encryption algorithmsScrypt

Power consumption3260W

Weight with package15kg


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About L7 Miners

The L7, released in November 2021, has a hash rate of 9.5 Gh/s. The L7 8800M hash rate is equivalent to 17 L3+ and the L7 9500M is equivalent to 19 L3+, and is known as the harvester of Litecoin and Dogcoin. 0.36 J/MH electrical power ratio maximizes the profitability of mining.

The overall cost performance is better than the same type of miner goldshell LT6 (3.35Gh/s, 3200w).

L7 Miner Ordering Instructions

The hash rate of L7 miner has 8800M/9050M/9300M/9500M, the price of each model is different, please consult with customer service to confirm before purchase.

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