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Hot Swap 2u 4u Server Case 12 24 36 48 Bay Computer Chassis Server Case With Redundant Power Supply For IPFS FIL FILECOIN

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What is IPFS miner?

IPFS is actually just an underlying technology, a peer-to-peer distributed file system, similar to http, a file transfer protocol. for IPFS to work, many computers (storage devices) in the network need to be used as nodes, and broadly speaking, all participating computers can be called IPFS miners.

In order to attract more users to join as nodes and contribute to the network, the IPFS network has designed a cryptocurrency called filecoin, which is distributed to participants (nodes) as a reward based on the amount of storage space and bandwidth contributed. Narrowly speaking, a computer designed specifically for the purpose of obtaining filecoin rewards is called an IPFS miner.

In simple terms, a mining machine is a machine that gets filecoin for you, and what we mean by IPFS mining is actually digging the incentive layer of this technology, which is filecoin. after the official launch of the main network, it is important to choose the right mining machine to be able to dig filecoin and how much filecoin can be mined per unit of time.

The relationship between Filecoin and IPFS is that IPFS is mainly responsible for content addressing and content transfer in P2P networks, while Filecoin is the incentive layer for permanent content storage, and they are complementary to each other.

Since IPFS networks require storage space as well as network bandwidth, IPFS miners usually strengthen storage space, reduce overall power consumption and other aspects in order to obtain the highest yield ratio. For example, equipped with more than 10 high-capacity hard drives, equipped with gigabit or higher speed network cards, using ultra-low power architecture processors, etc..

Of course, the miner provides storage services so that it can gain revenue. The size of the revenue is related to the configuration of the miner and the number of current IPFS miners.

IPFS miner configuration requirements

The official recommended configuration is AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X, NVidia GTX 2080Ti, memory frequency 2133mhz, which is the configuration of the hardware, so what are the requirements about the environment? Based on the penalty mechanism of IPFS, it requires constant power and network, and in order to prolong the life of the machine, it is best to have constant temperature and humidity, so it is different from Bitcoin Ether mining, where machine rooms are built in various remote places.

IPFS mining has to put mining machines in national IDC rooms, and at the same time, in order to ensure the speed of encapsulation, the location of the machine room is best in data interaction processing centers such as Shanghai, because the network latency is low, it is faster to receive storage orders when encapsulating.

Based on the hardware and environment there are many requirements, these requirements constitute the threshold has been isolated from personal mining, want to invest in IPFS mining currently can only buy mining machines in mining companies, it is best to choose the Star Alliance and other head miners, there is a guarantee of technical strength.

The above is the answer to the question of what is IPFS mining machine? The answer to this question, the article also introduces the IPFS mining machine configuration requirements, because IPFS mining machine prices are relatively high, so the payback period is not slower, if you do not want to take a detour, you investors must have a comprehensive understanding of the IPFS mining machine in the market, try to choose a better user reputation of some brands. In addition, ipfs mining machine can also be divided into home and industrial two categories, home ipfs mining machine price is relatively cheap, the smallest volume can also do palm size, generally only with 1 to 2 hard disk, or set aside a few hard disk bin, the user can increase power consumption as needed, power consumption is generally in the ultrabook level, very power saving.

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