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Hammer D10+ 5000M 5G LTC DOGE Cropto Mining Asic Miner

Short Description:


Power Consumption:3700w


Product Detail

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Specification Parameters

Hammer 4900M Product specification

Crypto Algorithm:Scrypt


Hashrate:5000MH/s ±3%


Note:Blackminer L1 can also be set to low power mode:

Hashrate:2100MH/s ±3%

PowerConsumption:890w ±10%


Environmental Requirements

Working temperature: 0-4

Storage temperature: -20-70

Working humidity: (non-condensing): 10-90% relative temperature



Hardware Configuration

Networking connection mode:RJ45 ethernet 10/100m

Miner Size:L335*W280*H285mm

Packaging Size:L570*W360*H430mm

Net Weight:13.55kg

Gross Weight:15.05kg

Made in KongKong

Power Supply

Power Supply AC Input Voltage:200-240V

Power Supply AC Input Frequency Range:47-63Hz

Power Supply AC Input Current:20A


1 year

Hammer D10+ 5000M, LTC/DOGE miner is in stock now, customers can contact our customer service to order the stock directly.

In addition to antminer L7, Hammer D10+ 5000M is currently a relatively high hashrate LTC/DOGE ASIC miner. Due to the rapid price growth of the DOGE cryptocurrency, the Hammer D10+ 5000M and L1 4900M miners have become very popular miners recently, reaching out to the majority of miners.

Since the D10+ 5G miner is a brand new release recently, there is little feedback from customers on the use of the machine. But judging from the market reaction of the L1 4900M, which was launched earlier than it, the performance of the D10+ 5000M miner should not be bad.We will continue to collect customer feedback and share more miner information with the majority of miners.


1Is the Hammer D10+ 5000M in stock? How to order?

Hammer D10+ 5000M is in stock and can be shipped immediately after payment is made. Generally, it takes 3-5 working days to get the international tracking number. Customers can choose international remittance, or choose usdt payment.Contact our customer service for more details.

2、What kind of company is Guangxi Grayscale intelligence Technology Co., Ltd, and how do they keep my cargo safe?

Guangxi Grayscale intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and customization of OEM graphics cards, server cases, computer power supplies and various miners and computer related accessories, ASIC miner refurbishment and repair, is a comprehensive electronic technology China engaged in the production and sale of crypto digital currency mining related equipment and accessories company.

For encrypted mining, we have more than 7 years of experience, which can fully let you understand the development and performance comparison of 90% of various types of miners in the market. We can share our experience with customers, whether it is GPU or ASIC, we can provide suggestions that are more in line with customers.For ordinary foreign trade companies, this is something they cannot give.

3、How much is the shipping cost?Is it free shipping?

We are dealing with customers from various countries around the world, so the range is large and it is difficult to standardize shipping prices. Different countries, different transportation methods, different volume and weight of different types of mining products and different quantities will have different transportation prices. Therefore, please contact customer service and provide your shipping address, zip code, product model, quantity and other related information, and customer service will calculate the shipping cost for you.

  1. Regarding LTC/DOGE mining, are there any other miners you can recommend?

Of course, for LTC/DOGE mining, in addition to D10+ 5000M, customers can also consider L1 4900m, or higher-level miners and Antminer L7, and lower-level Antminer L3+/L5, etc.

If you are interested, please contact us,we send you a quote for more models.

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