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ETH/ETC Ant miner E9 2400M 1920w ASIC miner Bitminer E9 ETH ETC Mining Machine

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Bitmain Antminer E9 2400MC miner Specifications

Algorithm Ethash|ETH/ETC Package Size 680*316*430mm
Hashrate 2400mh/s Weight 19.5kg
Power Consumption 1920w Interface RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Operating temperature 0-40 Input voltage 200-240V AC

Antminer E9 is the latest ETH Ether miner currently launched by Bitmain, NTMINER E9 establishes a new standard computing performance by using 2400M powerfulhashrate (equivalent to 25 RTX3080) , in terms of core parameters, Ant Miner E9 can reach 2.4GH/s of arithmetic power and 1920W of power consumption, reaching an excellent 0.8 J/M electrical power ratio, ANTMINER E9 establishes an improved power efficiency rating that maximizes power consumption of 1920 W. overall efficiency as well as cost effectiveness.

The Ant miner E9 has a modular design with a very clever power supply, dashboard and control panel for miners, which is easy to connect and manage.

After 20 hours of actual evaluation, the Ant E9 ran smoothly during the test, and the arithmetic power curve received by the mining pool did not fluctuate significantly, with an amazing rejection rate of 0. An Ant E9 system can reach an arithmetic power of 3006 MH/s, with a power consumption of 1920W and an efficiency of 0.8 J/M. The arithmetic performance is higher than the official actual test data.

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