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ETC ETH ETHW Miner Ipollo V1 Asic Cropto Miner V1-mini mining machine Export suppliers

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Model:Ipollo v1

Hashrate:3600 mh/s


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Ipollo V1 3600 mh/s Miner parameters

Ipollo V1 3600 mh/s Miner parameters


Ipollo V1

Encryption algorithms



3600 mhs(±10%

Operating temperature


Power consumption




Ipollo V1 is currently the top Ethash/ETH/ETC/ETHW Cropto ASIC Miner on the market. Compared to the top 8 GPU graphics card miner, the 8 card 170HX GPU miner hashrate is 1320mh/s, but Ipollo V1 hashrate is almost all above 3000mh/s. s or more.

Currently Ipollo V1 specific models are 3150m/3200m/3450m/3600m/3700m/3750m/3850m, in addition, for home type miners, Ipollo also launched V1-MINI 220m/280m/300m/320m/330m/340m.

The actual test Ipollo V1-3600mhs miner, V1 hashrate is about 6.45 times that of the graphics card Power consumption is 2 times If calculated according to the same power consumption, the pineapple arithmetic power super graphics card as much as 3 times! The power consumption is extremely low, which means the shutdown coin price is also extremely low! 

Goods and Inventory

Purchase Process

1、Contact customer service WhatsApp/wechat:+8613768392284. Or send inquiry, leave your important information such as WhatsApp or email, customer service will reply information within 24 hours, please be sure to check.
2, we have 6-7 years of experience in mining, both ASIC and GPU, we are not only professional, and very reliable. No matter you have experience or not, just tell us your requirements, we can give good advice.
3、Shipment will be made in 48 hours after payment, and the international logistics tracking number will be obtained within 5 days under normal circumstances.
4、Brand new machine in original seal and unopened, normally no test is provided for direct delivery. If customers request to open the test, please inform customer service.

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