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Ebang Ebit Miner E12 44T BTC Mining Asic Miner

Short Description:

ModelEbit Miner E12 44T


Hashrate: 44T

Specification: 57W/T

Release DateJune 2019

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Specification parameters

Specification parameters
Model No. E12
Crypto Algorithm SHA256
Ideal hash rate 44TH/S-5%+5%
Power consumption ratio on the wall for reference 57W/T-5%~+10%
Network connection Ethernet
Operating temperature 25
Working humidity 5%RH95%RH (non condensing)
Specification weight  
Dimensions 215mm*196mm*310mm
Net Weight 10.5kg

Product Introduction & Features


Product Introduction

Ebit miner E12 adopts the latest self-developed 10nm chip DW1233, which can reach an ideal hash rate of 44TH/S and a power consumption ratio of 57W/T. It has the advantages of low power consumption and high hash rate, and uses an independent heat sink with excellent heat dissipation. The heatsink uses the latest bonding technology and stronger casing material to provide better protection for the machine and high yield for miners.

Product features

Fully automatic cluster management software system with fully intelligent monitoring of the operating status of the mining machines, in line with the management and operation of large mining farms, for their refined management.
Simplifies IP setup issues and provides easy operation for short time modification of IP, pool and miner numbers for large volumes of miners, greatly reducing installation and commissioning time.The use of anti-loosening screws and high-specification packaging materials effectively reduce the loosening of components caused by transportation and vibration.
Ethernet interface, no need to purchase new Raspberry Pi, AUI and other components, more convenient management.Low failure rate and reliable hardware quality.

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