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Custom Wholesale Computer Power Supply 1800W 2000W 2500W 2800W 3000W ATX Graphics Card Power Supplies For GPU Miner Rig Case Mute PSU

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Model: 4U 1800W


Suitable for GPU Miner Rig

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Power Parameters

Power Parameters
Product Name 4U 1800W long line silent psu
Power Rating 1600W
Output Voltage 12V
Output Current 133A
Input Voitage 220V
Word efficiency 93%
Operating Frequency 50-60(HZ)
Input Voltage Range 180-240VAC
Operating Temperature 0-45()
Product Size 185*158*86mm
Product Weight 2.2KG
Package Size 590*390*170MM

►1800W long-line silent AT power supply, not only low noise, each power supply has been strictly tested by chroma power supply automatic precision test system, in the 220V environment, the conversion efficiency of 93%, energy-saving stability, with sufficient materials.
► circuit work using EMI filter, there are several advantages
1-Protect the power supply itself control circuit work
2-Protect the load work of the power supply
3-Reducing interference with other circuits
4-blocking human radiation to ensure the safety of the circuit

►Full-bridge resenance LLC control board
Active PFC
DC-DC DC conversion
Impedance reduction
Stabilize power supply
Reduces losses

Power Supply Customization And Wholesale

Specializing in customizing various computers, servers, crypto mining power supplies. We have a professional development team, software technology team, hardware technology team, 10 years of rich industry experience, support personalized power supply customization. The factory implements MES system and CMM management mode, and has independently designed after-sales software system, from design, sample production, testing, cost production and after-sales service, every step for the quality of products to do guarantee.

Custom power supply please send inquiry in the lower right corner to contact customer service to discuss the customization process

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