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AvalonMiner A1246 80T 81T 83T 85T 88T 90T Bitcoin Miner

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ModelAvalon A1246


Hashrate: 90TH

Specification: 3420W 38J/T

Release DateSeptember 2020

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Specification Parameters

Features of avalon A1246
Safe and stable, flexible deployment, quickly reaches rated hash rate after power up, stable operation with little fluctuation, built-in AI chip, deploys cryptographic intelligent algorithm to identify malicious viruses and prevent theft of miners' hash rate.

Specification parameters
Model No. A1246  
Hashrate 90TH/s, -3%~+3%
Power Efficiency 3420W, -5%~+5%@Wall-Plug
Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH 38J/TH, -5%~+8%@25
Cooling 4 x 12038 FANs
Operating Temperature -5~35
Nosie 75dBMax
Specification weight  
Net Dimensions 331mm x 195mm x 292mm
Gross Dimensions 420mm x 290mm x 395mm
Net weight, kg(2-2) 12.8kg
Gross weight, kg 14.1kg
avalon 1246-3


The new A1246 is packaged in a five-layer extra rigid box with a pearl plate overhanging the top and bottom flaps to provide excellent shock protection. The box is printed with information about the product. The box contains one miner and one power cable (16A plug) with a cable length of approx. 1.5m.

The miner comes with its own power supply, which is on the right side of the front of the miner.

The miner is rectangular. The case is made of a new alloy material, thick and robust, and supports horizontal and vertical placement for convenience and flexibility.

The Avalon logo is on the other side of the miner.

On the top front of the miner, from left to right, are the system reset button (RESET), the network cable connector, the three colour status indicators (red, yellow and green), the function button (FUNC) and the fan power connector.

The lower part of the front of the miner shows the dual cooling fans on the front of the miner, two 12cm diameter fans (12v4.5a) with four-pin sockets and a protective cover for the air intake from this side.

The cooling fan cable and connector are four-wire (four-pin) and the contact position is snap-on.

The controller on the top of the machine is the controller, which uses the self-developed Kanji K210 dual-core 64-bit AI chip, widely used in intelligent electronic devices, the main control chip has a built-in encryption algorithm to prevent poisoning and theft.

At the back of the miner is a rear-mounted dual cooling fan, with two 12cm diameter fans (12v4.5a) on a four-pin socket, with a protective cover, so that the air comes out from this side.

Preparation for installation

1. Prepare your own high quality RJ45 interface network cable, too poor network cable transmission data is susceptible to interference, affecting stability.

2. The A1246 high-end miner operates at upwards of 3000w, and the miner is equipped with a 16A power cord. As each purchaser may have a different socket, you will need to prepare your own 16A socket. As the miner runs for long periods of time, the power connector will heat up for a long time, so please choose a reliable socket from a manufacturer that meets the requirements.

3.Long distance transportation may encounter violent logistics. Before installing the miner, pick up the miner and shake it gently, listen for any strange noises inside the miner, if there are any strange noises, the parts may be dislodged, please contact the after-sales service in time.


The Avalon 1246 miner is solidly built and comes with its own power supply. The miner is able to be placed horizontally and vertically for easy mass deployment in the mine, with a 90T oversized Hashrate for a smaller space to deploy larger hash rates.

The A1246 runs without the need for complex settings such as frequency, voltage, fan speed, etc. Plug and Play levels.

During the day when the outdoor temperature is nearly 30 degrees, the hashrate reaches 90T in a short period of time after the miner starts up, with a fan speed of about 6800 rpm, and the average hashrate is at 90.05T for long time operation. the maximum hashrate is nearly 105T, and the minimum hashrate is about 78T, with no major fluctuations for long time operation.

Under normal operating conditions, the miner has a Hashrate of around 90T, and the measured power is about 3508w

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