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Immersion cooling overclocking system for Antminer S19 S19PRO S9JPRO S19XP bitcoin miner whatsminer M50 oil rig cooling system cabinet water cooling

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Specification:1/2/3/4 layer

Cooling method:oil/water cooling

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Support customized immersion oil cooling system

Support customized oil cooling sever cabinet

Provide a better operating environment for the crypto miner equipment, isolate the outside dust,

greatly reduce the impact of oxidation, real-time temperature control does not exceed 50 ℃,

improve the service life of equipment, enhance the use of equipment effect.

The Range of USE

Support all kinds of servers and other electronic equiment,such as computer,stonage servers,super computing servers,etc

Support various crypto miners

Antminer S19/S19XP/S19PRO/T19/S17/T17/Z15.etc

Whatsminer M50/M30S/M30S+(++)/M20S/M21.etc

Innosillicoin T3(+)/A11/A10/A10PRO.etc

What is immersion oil cooling system?

What is immersion cooling
It's the new frontier of liquid cooling

Also known as liquid immersion cooling, it is the practice of submerging computer components (or entire servers) in a conductive liquid (dielectric coolant) that has heat but no electricity. Liquid immersion is the conventional method for cooling large power distribution components, such as transformers. This method has begun to be widely used in the computer and crypto mining industries.


Hardware or servers cooled in this manner do not require fans, and the heat exchange between the warm coolant and cold water circuits is typically performed through a heat exchanger (i.e., a heater core or radiator). The fluid used must have a low enough electrical conductivity to avoid interfering with the proper operation of the equipment. If the liquid is somewhat conductive, it may be necessary to insulate certain parts of the component that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, such as the CPU. for these reasons, it is preferable that the liquid be the dielectric.

Our oil cooling system is the use of special cooling oil, which has insulation, oxidation resistance, high thermal conductivity and flame retardant.
The heat and cold exchange is carried out through a heat exchanger. The circulating convection causes the cold oil to be discharged from the bottom and the heat is absorbed and discharged from the top to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.


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